MIT master (personal)

MIT master (personal)

Hello everyone. I'm back, the first experience with this blog was pretty fun so I'm here again to talk a bit more about something personal.

A few days ago I was deciding what to do after graduation in Computer Science and came in my mind this (crazy) idea to do an MIT master, every kind, as I already wrote in my last article I'm having some difficulties to decide what must be the correct path for me. After reading few articles about how expensive could be university in the USA and I read something like half a million I was like :worried:. So I tried to go further and I ask myself :

Are you really deciding to do a master after all this struggling?

The answer was like:

Is possible (maybe) that you're trying to procrastinate?

I can hear all of you thinking:

Well learning is never procrastinating is hard work every day!!

And I know this I promise but seriously we're Tech guys!! We studied every day since we started that carrier this is passion isn't hard work for all of us is like the air we love to do that, new technologies are our drugs!!

Well, this is the answer but I think it's still the same question as to the last article, with few more paths...

I live in Modena, Italy. I really think this is the perfect city to live in and to grow up your sons but there are no big tech companies or at least not so interesting.

So I imagined myself in one small office with two colleagues building unity/unreal engine small games, simulators, and android or web apps. Simple and fun with different projects every time.

It could be an idea. What do you think?

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