Starting my own blog

Starting my own blog

Hello everyone.

Today began my blogging life.

All because I meet this amazing site hasnode and in few clicks, I was approaching this world for the first time as a writer.

Here a little background about me. I'm a developer, 22 years old. I'm studying at the university of computer science in Modena and still looking for my own path.

I think you all know how the tech world is full of paths. I tried and studied a few: mobile apps, websites, office programs, IoT and I did some projects with the raspberry pi family. I approached with different languages: c/c++, java, javascript (I'm in love I think), python, and c#. Of course, all those are only small points in this epic tech world but I still can't figure out which one is for me.

I did some other stuff unrelated to programming like social media marketing, investing in crypto, 3d printing, and few other things.

I think the main problem is my fear to pick a path and lose all the others or at least have less time to study or approaching those I already know. I'm also always excited to teach new things so I think those are the reasons.

But what about you. Did you found this problem too? If yes, how did you approach it?

Ps. I'm still looking for a mentor, to help me grow as a man and as a developer.

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