The dream comes to life - CuculoGames

The dream comes to life - CuculoGames

In past days I wrote about a small dream that I'd like to enjoy. Me and a few colleagues developing games, apps, simulators, and so on.

Today we did the first foot in that direction, I developed a portfolio for our team with VueJs, you can see it here, with the fancy name of CuculoGames.

Well, the real first one was a few weeks ago creating the WhatsApp group…but we’re going on every day.

Two of us are studying the Unity engine and the last one Unreal engine.

Personally, I never touched engines, I started my carrier a few years ago as a web developer. I studied HTML, CSS (and some sass), fell in love with javascript, and soon became a full stack developer (still junior but here I am).

Now, this new path is open to me: engines, videogames, simulators... We also have this crazy idea to study some of VR and AR, the problem is that the necessary tools are not so cheap. So for now we're just taking confidence with the engines.

Roberto Menna, one who study Unity with me, recently developed an android application that you can download here: WeedArcade. Is just for fun but he's keeping always up to date with new functionalities.

For example, recently I helped him to introduce a ranking system and a version checker system, a simple Nodejs server that serves data with few APIs, and also the c# controller to do the in-game requests.

With those, we officially created the service for all our games, so in the future, we will easily add those two functionalities (and even more) in our games.

Now we're thinking about a few more games not only mobile but web too, with the WebGL technology, and with some brainstorming maybe some small desktop games too. So all this is to do experience and also portfolio purposes, but who knows maybe one day we really became famous.

Anyways I'll keep you up to date. Share with me your opinion about that in a comment below.

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